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Quotes about Moving On
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Quotes about Annoying People

Unfortunately, some people are annoying, and sometimes we do have to interact with those people. Let these quotes about annoying people help you cope with a touch of acceptance and a touch of humor.

It's just like magic.
When you live by yourself,
all of your annoying habits are gone.
- Merrill Markoe

The fellow who thinks he knows it all
is especially annoying to those of us who do.
- Harold Coffin

This is New York, and there's no law against being annoying.
- William Kunstler


I love being married.
It's so great to find that one special person
you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
- Rita Rudner

You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely
as small as what you allow to annoy you.
- Robert Anton Wilson

People who annoy people are the luckiest people in the world.
- Howie Mandel

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I prefer a pleasant vice to an annoying virtue.
- Moliere

I just don't know a couple that's been married more than three years
that doesn't annoy the heck out of each other every 15 minutes.
- Patricia Heaton

It is annoying to be honest to no purpose.
- Ovid

Always forgive your enemies -
nothing annoys them so much.
- Oscar Wilde

If you want to annoy your neighbors, tell the truth about them.
- Pietro Aretino

It's so great to find that one special person
you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
- Rita Rudner

When a friend is in trouble,
don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do.
Think up something appropriate and do it.
- Edward W. Howe

Never Let Anyone Get Your Goat,
Push Your Buttons,
Get You Riled Up,
or Annoy You.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Family love is messy, clinging,
and of an annoying and repetitive pattern,
like bad wallpaper.
- P. J. O'Rourke

I don't like boys. They're kind of annoying.
- Michelle Wie

The problem with people who have no vices
is that generally you can be pretty sure
they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues.
- Elizabeth Taylor

Women dress alike all over the world:
hey dress to be annoying to other women.
- Elsa Schiaparelli

The more I get to do this character,
the more I realize that she's not just annoying.
It's that her strength is not interacting with people socially.
She just doesn't have time because
she has so much going on in her brain.
- Mary Lynn Rajskub

Fame can be just so annoying because people are so critical of you.
You can't just say, 'hi'. You say hi and people whisper'
man did you see the way she said hi? What an attitude.
- Juliette Lewis

All parents believe their children can do the impossible.
They thought it the minute we were born,
and no matter how hard we've tried to prove them wrong,
they all think it about us now.
And the really annoying thing is, they're probably right.
- Cathy Guisewite

It's great to see that celebrities can be just like us -
that they too have their highs and lows,
that they don't always wake up looking their best,
that they have bad habits and annoying traits.
- Shirley Jones

In many ways, when you're young and sexy,
it's very annoying to be whistled at and to have
someone always trying to attract your attention,
but now when it happens
I find myself registering the fact almost warmly.
- Greta Scacchi

People have always found me challenging -
I don't know why, when I am only being myself.
I don't understand why they find me so annoying
but they do. It is pity, but that is how it is.
- Ian Hamilton Finlay

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
- Herm Albright

I like long walks,
especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.
- Fred Allen

I used to annoy my father by telling him
how much I felt luck was with me.
- Gene Tierney

If you can't annoy somebody with what you write,
I think there's little point in writing.
- Kingsley Amis

We who have the final word can speak softly or angrily.
We can seek to challenge and annoy,
as we need not stay docile and quiet.
- William O. Douglas

If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing.
- Kingsley Amis

A lot of girls annoy me who go to university -
one girl told me she was going to Oxford because
it was something to do between leaving school and getting married.
And I've got to pay for that being an income tax payer.
- Jeffrey Bernard

Is there anything in the world more annoyingly creepy
than an unspoken dress code?
- Doug Coupland

Never try to teach a pig to sing.
It wastes your time, and it annoys the pig.
- Mark Twain

Nothing annoys a woman more than
to have company drop in unexpectedly
and find the house looking as it usually does.
- Frank Dane

Never invoke the gods unless you really want them to appear.
It annoys them very much.
- Gilbert K. Chesterton

Being dubbed as a hunk sort of annoys me.
It gives me a yucky feeling.
- Leonardo DiCaprio

What annoys the hell out of me is the arrogance of some people.
They don't even listen to our music,
they decided in advance that they don't like it.
- Billie Joe Armstrong

The want of logic annoys. Too much logic bores.
Life eludes logic, and everything that logic alone constructs
remains artificial and forced.
- Andre Gide

All my day is spent dealing with other people.
When I come home I like it to be empty.
The presence of others in my house kind of annoys me.
I love coming home and shutting the doors.
I feel brain dead. I'm relatively available, but not to live with.
- Graham Norton

My dreams were all my own; I accounted for them to nobody;
they were my refuge when annoyed - my dearest pleasure when free.
- Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

I pop gum. My parents get so annoyed with me.
I know my dad wishes he never taught me how to do that.
- Hilary Duff

When I said I didn't have a cent, I didn't.
I used to get annoyed with people who said
they were broke when they had five dollars.
- Paul Lynde

Ah! how annoying that the law doesn't allow a woman
to change husbands just as one does shirts.
- Moliere

I'm always annoyed about why black people
have to bear the brunt of everybody else's contempt.
If we are not totally understanding and smiling, suddenly we're demons.
- Toni Morrison

I remember when I first started in the business, I lost a lot of friends.
Some were jealous, some were annoyed at the fact that I was an actress.
- Amber Tamblyn

Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple,
is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn't.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Poverty of course is no disgrace, but it is damned annoying.
- William Pitt

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